Fabric Buttons

Be Creative With Your Button Maker

About July 27, 2007

Do you want to be creative with your button maker?!

I started making fabric buttons over a year ago, but had a problem with the fabric not crimping all the way around. I always thought it was my fabric, but then I read about some great remedies. There is still some fabric out there that works better than others. The thicker your fabric the more complications. If you only have one type of material, it may be best to get your button maker modified by Tecre.
All you have to do is send in a sample of the fabric and have Tecre modify the machine. It costs about $70.00, but it might be worth it to you.

I buy remnants or scraps with awesome designs and if they don’t work then I test other ways. If it still doesn’t work I just keep it in my scrap fabric bin for another project. The remnants or scraps are usually really cheap anyway. Well I am glad you came to visit ” The About” page.

Come back for more great information about fabric buttons.

Your Button Girl!


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