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Which Cutter is Best For Fabric II November 5, 2007

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The other cutting options include the Handy Circle Cutter and Graphic Punch.

If you have a Badge-a-Minit circle cutter, please reference the information about the handy circle cutter. Both of these cutters have the same type of blade and will perform the same with fabric.


Handy Circle Cutter

The blade for this type of cutter resembles an exacto knife. As seen in the video there is a glass plate with this cutter. The blade “slices” into the paper for an exact cut and the glass allows the blade to glide easily. Most importantly, this blade will fray your fabric.


Graphic Punch

First, you will have to cut your fabric into strips to feed through this punch. Now just imagine, trying to slide your fabric through the punch. This isn’t going to be an easy task because fabric isn’t like paper. Some sites suggest placing tape on both sides of your fabric and use this as a way to slide the fabric through. Even if decide to use the punch, it might not be able to cut your fabric. If you are embroidering your fabric, the raised lettering may not slide through the punch either.

Coming Soon ….

Can I Use My Graphic Punch For Fabric?
Using Fabric on Mirror Back buttons



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