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Mirror Back Buttons September 21, 2007

Filed under: Mirror Buttons — EricaButtons @ 12:58 pm

These are probably my favorite buttons, next to the 1-1/2″ keychains. What female wouldn’t LOVE a custom mirror for their purse. It looks like a button from the front and then when you turn it over you have a REAL mirror.

YES! I said a REAL mirror. It’s not a piece of shiny metal. These are great with fabric too. The smallest button maker size you can use is 2-1/4″.

The assembly steps for these is a little different. You’ll get 5 pieces for each mirror.


  1. Place your shell, paper/fabric, and mylar*(see note below) in the left die, in that order.
  2. Place the Collet with the sharp side facing up in the right die.
  3. Next place your Mirror upside down into the collet.
  4. Take your Shim and bend it slightly. (I put it at the edge of a table so half hangs off and then bend it down slightly)
  5. Your Shim is placed on top of the mirror so it does NOT rattle when it is completed.
  6. Your button maker is loaded. Make the button.

(*If you are using the mylar with fabric it may not work as well. Most of you using fabric don’t use the mylar. I have also heard that placing the mylar under the fabric helps.



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