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Keychain Buttons September 14, 2007

Filed under: Key Chain Projects — EricaButtons @ 2:07 pm

We used to supply only the 2-1/4″ Keychain Sets. That all changed when we listened to our faithful customers that only wanted the best. We tried to carry the keychains for other sizes, but they just weren’t professional. We searched for a keychain that did NOT require multiple steps and still had a clean finish. Functionality was also very important.

Our keychains are made like a button, but you just add the keychain into the slot after the button is made.

***It is very important that you arrange your keychain back into the machine the correct way. It’s just like when you make sure your pin is lined up correctly. You will want to make sure the slot for the keychain is in the right place. Most of you will want the slot to appear towards the top of your button.***


***You will notice that there is a little latch that goes into the slot. Place the tab inside the slot so it faces the front of the button. When you slide the tab in it will catch on the inside part of the shell. This will make sure the keychain can not be pulled back out.***



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